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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Je m'appelle Rae Talkss et toi?

Je m'appelle Rae Talkss et toi?

My name is Rae. Rae Talkss with two s's. You may have guessed that that's not my actually name but a name I do go by online. Why two s's you may ponder. Well to be frank the online realm is somewhat saturated with variations of publications so to find a unique name is a bit hard to come by. Double s is unique and I can see it as a conversation starter.

Person A: What's the name of your blog?

Rae Talkss: Rae Talkss with two s's, finding a unique name in the online sphere is somewhat....

Person A: ah I see...

or maybe not lool.

Age: I am older than 10 and younger than 75

Gender: Female

Nationality: Black British African

Faith: Aspiring Adventist

Topics of interest:  (this is forever expanding and decreasing). Adventism, hair, the Black British culture, food... you know women can talk (the latter is merely a harmless stereotype hehe)

Why blog: I to am wanting to be a part of the blogger pool, hopefully my voice will not get drown out  but remain afloat. This outlet will involve me discussing topics from Adventism to Vegetarianism (I could not find a topic beginning with the letter 'Z' so chose 'V' lool). I think there're a few topics, which needs to be highlighted and where possible need some form of solution...

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