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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Nigerian and Natural tag (Blog Edition)

The Nigerian and Natural Tag 

1. What is your full Nigerian name?

I don’t think it wise if I were to disclose my full governmental name, especially in this technological age. However I will share a part of the Six names that I have (Yourba people love a good ol’ name, hence why so many are gifted to their children!).  The Nigerian name I go by is 'Ololade'. It is a Yoruba name meaning ‘the wealth has come’. I used the latter to justify my former magpie taste.

2. When was your first relaxer?

Age 12. I recall entering secondary school with natural hair and my peers were shocked that I had not relaxed my hair. About a year later my mummy asked if I wanted to ‘relax’ my hair. My naive pre teen self jumped at the chance.

3. How did you wear your hair in elementary school?

I think elementary school is the equivalent to primary school. I wore my hair in bunches, braided styles such as ‘shoku, sade adu,  patewo (clap your hands), single plaits with my natural hair. My hair was very rarely left out.
4. When did you go natural and why?

There are many reasons why I went natural you can click here to get a more detailed idea. However one poignant reason was I knew that if it is God’s will for me to be a mother then I would not relax my children’s hair and want to be the best role model for my unborn child. I would feel like a hypocrite if I relaxed hair and would tell my children to remain natural.

5. What were your parents' reactions when you went natural?

Quite pleasant, my Mummy (yes I am over ten and still call my mother mummy) only feared that my hair would break off during the transitioning period. She often praises my hair line and says ‘you don’t need lace wig.  My daddy has always been one for natural beauty. He was pleased.

6. Which one product would you bring if you were to spend a month in Nigeria?

FUN FACT: I have never been to Nigeria! I would not see the need of taking any products, as I am aware that all that I need for my hair is in the country.

7. Palm oil or Coconut oil?

For hair coconut oil. O girl palm oil is for chopping jare. However maybe one day I will try it on my hair.
8. Do you use any products from Nigeria?
I use 'Dudu Osun' (African Black Soap) and my mum got me a year supply of shea butter from Nigeria recently.

9. Food favorites: Egusi vs. Okra soup, 'Rice and Stew' vs 'Jollof Rice', Puff Puff vs 'Chin Chin', Suya vs Stockfish?

I love Puff Puff and Chin Chin. Definitely try warm Puff Puff with peanut butter yummy. Rice and stew, Jollof rice is overrated. FUN FACT: Did you know there was a kingdom called jollof?  I do not eat suya or stock fish as I am a vegetarian.

10. What's the state of natural hair amongst Nigerians? 

In regards to the Nigerians I know in the UK many are natural but tend to be 'undercover naturals'.  I think this is because we are still not too sure as what to do with our luscious locs. 

This tag was inspired by  KlassyKinks and Nappy Fu on Youtube. Whether or not you’re Nigerian tell me a bit about your hair experience below. I tag the following blogger Rosemary and anyone reading this :D

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  1. Great post! Natural allll the way :) I too am sceptical about using palm oil in my hair...like, what?


    1. Thanks for commenting! As in Palm oil is for eating lool

  2. I love being part of the natural hair gang!, and I look lush in braids. It's actually my favourite hairstyle!, although as I child I hated it with passion. But that is not the story anymore, and I love the part where my natural hair is protected too!

    Very much enjoyed this read!, some parts had me lol'in, (the full government name part and still over 10 and call my mummy mummy looool)!!

    1. Me to!!! It's an amazing cause. They way I have been wanting to braid my hair chai lool. I remember in school one girl said to me she didn't like my snake hair aka braids o_O looool. hehehe, thanks so much for reading :D