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Sunday, 3 April 2016


 March 2016 

 I have been natural for four years now and some months (fully natural since May 2013 but I began transitioning in January 2012).  I have enjoyed the journey thus far. However in regards to hair length I have not achieved what I had expected to achieve. This is most likely due to cultivating a very lax approach to my hair care regime.

Big chop May 2013 

As a result of this I have decided to re-transition to healthier natural hair. I will not be doing a big chop but I have trimmed my hair and have put in in shoku (a Nigerian name of the style). The aim is to leave these in for a very long time (5. 5 months) and to care for my hair in the plaits.

My hair length ranges from 11-13 inches and my goal length is 18-20 inches. I am going to focus on the health so I will be able to achieve length I hope I will be able to retain about 3 inches.
March 2016

My hair regime for my 5 months to re-transitioning
1.     Moisture and seal my hair a minimum of twice a week
2.     Hot oil treatment once a week (depending on the dryness of my hair)
3.     Rinse my hair once a week  (tea tree and water mix)
4.     Steam once a week
5.     Deep condition biweekly with an oil (most likely coconut oil)
6.     Green house effect bi weekly (as a prep for deep condition)

I am aware that after awhile the hair style my need redoing, as I do not intend to do so I will be wearing head scarves  and hats with a satin bonnet underneath.

Many of the issues we have with our bodies are due to having a bad diet. We will need to work from the inside to impact the outside therefore it is imperative that I begin to follow the health laws illustrated in NEWSTART.

What are your hair goals and how do you aim to go about achieving them?

I am trying to get my hair to look like one of  Discovering Naturals Children 

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