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Thursday, 2 March 2017

My Hair Journey

My Hair Journey 
March 2016 

Some of my family, friends and peers often ask about what I do to my hair. I will be conducting a series where I focus on my hair. In post this I will discuss my hair journey.  

Around 2010 I had found the YouTube hair world. My life has never been the same since. This is not a hyperbole; the decision to care for my hair came about from bingeing on videos that spoke on hair care. I then decided that I too wanted to embark on a heath hair journey. 

I began to look after my relaxed hair and made many gains that I had not been able to achieve when it came to my hair. 

In 2012 my friend mentioned that she wanted to go Natural. I wasn't to fond of the idea. My sisters also had mentioned wanting to go natural I really discouraged the idea. In retrospect I can't understand why I was so against the idea of embracing my natural hair. Fast ward some months I was at a gathering with some peers and announced that I was going to grow out my Afro. 5 years later here we are. 

I have been natural for 5 years stay tuned for hair update in upcoming post). I began transition to natural in January 2012 and big chopped May 2013. It was honestly one of the best decisions I have made I my adult life. 

I recall being a teenager and my dad would often encouraged my sisters and I to go natural. This was not only in reference to how we wore our hair but was to do with make up also. My dad's main argument was "when you meet your husband you want them to see the real you". My dad would also mention the damaging aspect of hair "attachments”. We would often laugh but what he said was very true. Many in their teens are already suffering from traction alopecia due to excess pulling from hair extensions. 

One of my reasons for going natural  was because if I was to have children I would ensure they kept their hair in its natural state. I did not want to appear as a hypocrite when it came to hair.

The journey so far as been rather successful, however, I see the need to re-transitionto healthier hair. I had a setback in the Crown of my hair (I may do a post on this) 

For this series I will be speaking on methods that have helped me to reach such hair length. I hope to encourage you to incorporate these methods  into your hair journey as well as to share some tips that you have found helpful on your hair journey, If you have any hair questions leave them in the comments below or send an email.

Happy Hair Journey  (HHJ) 
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  1. Can't wait for the tips 😊☺️

  2. Hi Rae,

    I'm currently contemplating between relaxing my hair and leaving it natural...my hair line is bad but the rest of my hair is growing. Also I feel like no natural hair styles suit me and relaxed hair is easier to manage .... i did my big chop in november 2015.
    Any advice ?

    1. Hi there :D, SO sorry for the late response.

      For you hairline try castor oil and tea tree. It is great for your hair. Mist hair with water and massage the oil mix into the area :D

      As for the styles you just have to keep trying. Natural hair does get some getting use to. Check out some videos on youtube for more style ideas. Also do not over do it with styling it can damage the hair.

      As for being more manageable WATER WATER WATER. Water makes the hair more malleable. Mist hair with water and seal with an oil (olive oil is great and easy to get hold of).

      I hope this helps and sagin sorry for the late reply! I can imagine your hair is thriving :D

  3. LOL! I think it's funny that your dad encouraged you and your sisters to go natural, so your future husbands would see and appreciate the real you. Hilarious! Our fathers these days are really into the wellbeing of their daughters.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Sorry for such a late reply WOW.

      LOOOL Dads are something :D