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Sunday, 28 May 2017

How to Soothe Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are one of if not the greatest
irritants in the aerospace. Although I do not eat animals and often wince at the thought of any animals of any kind being killed, I must confess that I am quite elated knowing a mosquitoe has been taken out.
Inspiration tells us that when sin entered the world it did not only have an impact on humanity but also every living thing. The Bible informs us that God made everything only God can give life. God can only make that which is good. Pests such as mosquitoes may have been decent at one time but this is not the case now.

In this post I will be sharing with you a couple of remedies that I have found extremely effective when soothing  mosquitoe bites.
Please note I am not the measuring type when making stuff I tend to eyeball measure a bit like I did here.
However, for these remedies I have provided measurements.

1)Tea and Almond oil or Vitamin E Oil
-Apply 4 table spoons of almond or Vitamin E oil to a small container.
-Next, add 6-8 drops of Tea Tree oil to the almond oil and mix well.
Once the oils are well mixed apply to the areas effective.
I advise that the area is well cleaned prior to application.
Also avoid applying tea tree oil directly to the skin as it can cause harm.

2) Shea Butter and Peppermint oil or Tea Tree
- Melt 50g of shea butter.
- Add 3 table spoons of almond oil to the melted shea butter.
- Add 10-15 drops of either peppermint oil or tea tree oil to the melted shea butter.
- Mix well and allow the mixture to solidify.
- Once the mixture is firm use on effected areas.
Again I advise that the effected areas are well cleaned before application.

3) Abo Niki
If you're  Nigerian they you may be familiar with this balm.
-Take a small amount of the balm and apply to the effected areas.

I would advise using a tea or peppermint shower gel or soap to soothe the area before the applying the balm.

I hope you find these remedies helpful. If you have any other remedies please share them.

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