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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Practical Ways to Save Money

 Practical Ways to Save Money

Each year we spend loads on stuff we do not need money. Money is squandered and the squandering results in regrets and questions.  In this post I am going to outline a few easy yet practical way on how to save money.

“…Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost….” - John 6:12

View money differently. If more of us saw the value of money we may be more inclined to save a lot more. Money is never distributed equally, this is due to factors such as capitalism, monopolies and meritocracies. Those of us who have access to a consistent and healthy income should see our income as a gift that should be appreciated. Begin to see money as a means to help you reach certain goals, gives access to cultural experiences and could be used to help others. Once we begin to see money as a tool that gives as admission to different avenues that may be closed otherwise we should be aiming to save and not squander.

Get a piggy Bank.  This is a very old school way of saving money but, is very practical. A friend of mine cashed up all the coppers coins she had saved in her piggy bank and it was enough for her to buy some new clothes.
 This year my sister and I have decided to take part in the “52-week money challenge”. This involves saving the money based on what week you are in. For example, for the first week of the year you save £1 and so on until week 52. However, we do not plan to do so chronologically and believe where possible to start saving higher amounts first or to save for what we can afford for that week.
Another saving challenge would be “Save the singles” I will be write a post on this in future so stay tuned

“Money is not necessarily a curse; it is of high value because if rightly appropriated, it can do good in the salvation of souls, in blessing others who are poorer than ourselves” – Ellen G White

Stop buying what you do not need! Prior to writing this post I had asked a mate how they went about saving money. Their response was to the effect of “stop spending.’’ Stop spending on things you do not need. I recall a Youtuber saying before you go out to buy something consider whether you really need this item. “Do I £60 need this jacket?” If you cannot fully justify buying an item for a certain price, then it is best to put it down.We often prioritise our wants over our needs in doing so find ourselves with fewer pounds to spend.

*Challenge* get yourself a piggy bank 

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