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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

How to go Vegan at Papa John's

When I was not  a vegan I loved a pizza. I recall after church (this was when I went to a Sunday church) we would get pizza as a 'treat'. The irony that things which are not good for you are described as a 'treat'. Cheese is a harmful everyday 'treat' for many and "should never be introduced into the stomach" White,1905.

Cheese is loaded with fat and over time will clog up the arteries. Not only does this harmful block strangle its consumers but it is very addictive. 

I heard a preacher once say when cheese is cold it becomes extremely solid can you imagine what it is doing to your insides. A scary though!  A better way to eat pizza is to leave the cheese out of the equation.  

In this post I outline how I go vegan at Papa John's.  

I order the Garden Party Pizza without cheese. The pizza dough is vegan friendly so without cheese makes it a real vegan treat 

The website describes it as followed: 

Garden Party

Colourful and fresh tasting, this pizza is a veggie delight. Freshly sliced red onions, sit alongside crisp green peppers, complemented by cherry tomatoes, juicy sweetcorn and baby portobello mushrooms. It’s the pick of the crop on a pizza.

Garden Party Pizza No Cheese 

The next pizza I tend to order is the 'Hot Pepper Passion'. I love this pizza! Like the Garden Party pizza I order no cheese. If ordering online then order the pizza as normal then call up and say no cheese. 

Hot Pepper Passion

Four different peppers on a pizza? Now that’s a passion for peppers. Trust The Papa to load a pizza with colourful red and green peppers, fiery green chilli peppers, spicy jalapeno peppers and finally… freshly sliced onions. This pizza is not called hot for nothing.

Hot Pepper Passion No Cheese

Also, the garlic dip that comes with the pizza is also vegan friendly. 
For a more detailed breakdown on Papa John's nutrition information click here  

If you enjoyed this post please share it. Comment below your favourite vegan treats. 

White, 1905 'Counsel on Diets and Food 

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