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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

How I Make Extra Money: Extra Income Report

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12 When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost. - John 6:12

I am Black British, if you know anything about British culture we are very coy when it comes to the topic of money. I think it is also worth adding, I am Nigerian. If you know anything about Nigerians we love to hustle. It is in our DNA. As of May 2018, I have decided to challenge myself and see how much money I can make aside from my current job.

I must admit it is a bit daunting  being this transparent when talking about money. However, if this can help someone I guess the openness is worth it!

In no way am I trying to gloat. To be honest when you see the amount I have made,  you will see there is nothing to shout about. I have seen a few people online making extra money on the side and I have been inspired to do the same.

Do I have a dream amount I would like to make monthly from my side hustles? Yes of course however, I am not yet there but will be sooner than later "oh what for a faith that will not shrink". I will not despise my humble side hustle beings 

Now let us get on with the post. If you like what you have read please comment below and share this with a friend.

Street bees

I came across this App through Chika. I thought wow. Let me give it ago.
Street Bees, is a survey website where you can make the odd quid here and there. I hope to review the app in the future. I have used the APP in July and August and made a total of...


That is not much but this could buy a super frugal grocery shop. 


Depo is like ebay for hipsters (I am not a hipster), I had put some of my old stuff on the site. Unlike eBay I find there is more of a wait when selling products. If you are looking for a quick buck then I would suggest looking for another app. I posted a few items on the site and made a sale 6 weeks later. Although, it took longer than I though, I am happy to have sold an item.

Total: £9.98 (before postage and packing) 

Curious Cat

I found out about this app from B from  Boost my Budget (she is the one who has inspired me to write such a post) . Like Street bees, Curious Cat is another survey app. The surveys are much longer than surveys on Street Bees and the pay off is a bit better. Each survey offers points that is then translated into money. Again, I hope to give a more detailed explanation about the app. For July and August i have made 

Total: £15.84

Not bad. 


I was extremely hesitant to discuss this side hustle,  I asked my sister what her thought were about sharing this hustle. My Mother passed away and I did not want people to think 'wow look at what has become of her.' This side hustle is not the most glamorous of roles. However, I am learning many lessons and have the upmost respect for those who do this full time! 
I am a part-time cleaner at Handy

Handy is an app where clients can request domestic services. This will be either cleaning or handyman work. As a worker for Handy, you choose when and where you work. I enjoy the flexibility and the occasional bonuses.  

Out of all the methods I use, I have used +Handy from the start of my extra income journey 

Total: £390  (May-August) 

Since my conscious decision to make extra income. I have made:

**Overall Total: £419.82 

I am pleased with this number, as it is £400 pounds I have been able to make that I would have never made if I did not challenge! 

Comment below what are some of the ways you make extra money?

*this does not include postage package 
+ Handy conducts a security  for £38 and deduct the fee from your earnings. 
** This total does not include the deductions from tithe and offerings. 

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