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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Using #Lidl Products on My #Natural Hair

As you may remember from this post  I shop at Lidl. I quite enjoy the food produce I buy at Lidl and now plan to use their hair products to see what it does to my natural hair.

This experiment has been inspired by a blog post where women documented their experience using  the Scandinavian brand. I noticed the post did not feature anyone with natural hair.

I believe there is a misconception that certain products are only for Afro textured hair and European hair. Well this is false!

For years, I have grabbed products targeted at a range of hair types and textures that were not necessary like mine. The reason for this ranged from, the cost of the product to preferring the  ingredients listed.

Click the image to see the list of ingredients

I must admit I have often deterred from hair products targeted at Black women. I found the products quite expensive, lathered with harsh chemicals or caused my hair to feel the opposite of what they would claim. However, having said this I do hope to support more black brands (if you know of any really good black brand please list them below).

There are women who would like to go natural, but are put off by the high cost of products and the unavailability of product. I hope to through this experience you can achieve healthier hair with cheaper products.

 In this post, I will be giving my initial review on my use of the two Lidl products: 'Intense Moisture Salon Style Shampoo and Intense Moisture Salon Style
Black bottle is the shampoo and the white is the conditioner 

The shampoo

The shampoo is labelled as a moisturising shampoo. When I saw that I grabbed it! Moisture is the key to healthy Afro textured hair.

When I shampoo my hair, I focus on the scalp and allow the residue to go down the shaft of my hair. I avoid manually putting shampoo on the shaft as this can result in dryness. Once I rinsed the shampoo travels down the shaft of the hair so there is no need. If you you would like to see how I wash my hair leave a comment below.

The shampoo did not lather up as much as I would like. I then proceed to add more shampoo and it seemed to go the trick. Once rinsed our my hair was soft! My hair did not feel dry or stripped.

Although, I had to add more shampoo for the product to take effect. I will have to give the shampoo 4 out of 5.

The conditioner

Conditioner is a naturals best friend. I love a good conditioner especially if it keeps my hair moisturised and soften my strands.

Is used the Lidl conditioner to assist with the detangling, I wet my hair and applied some of the conditioner. This was not that effective. There was hardly any slip. I then proceed to apply more conditioner and this really helped with the process.

As a de-tangling agent I would score the conditioner 2.5 out of 5. The more you apply the better. However, this is not that cost effective. I love products that do not require much but go a long way.

After shampooing my hair, I applied the conditioner. I did add some extra ingredients to the conditioner which I hope to share in a future post. I then left the mix it to sit on my hair to act as a deep conditioning treatment.

After I rinsed the conditioner our of my hair, my hair was super soft! I do not know if it is because I added extra ingredients but I do not think that was the case. As a deep conditioner I will give the conditioner 5 out of 5! I loved the way it made my hair feel! It melted the knots away. I must also note it smell great too!

Overall score 

In conclusion, both products need for heavier application for them to take effect. Both lived up to the claim on keeping hair moisturised, smelt great and exceeded my expectations.

4.5 out of 5

Please note I will be doing a view more reviews on both of these products so stay tuned.

What is your favourite conditioner and shampoo? Comment below and please share this post.

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